Lexus RC-F Carbon Edition

Lexus RC-F Carbon Edition

Once again the team at Lexus have come through with allowing me to photograph another exclusive car in their showroom. Lexus has put forth the latest iteration of the recently released RC-F bringing with it a torque vectoring differential and a modest 10kg weight saving through the use of carbon on the bonnet/roof and rear spoiler. While the upgrades are not huge or better the car’s performance, it does allow it to feel slightly more agile thanks to the new differential which disguises the car’s already cumbersome weight issue.


The carbon used on the car looks amazing with the weave and finish all showing trusted Lexus detail and finesse, and combining that with the pearl white Lexus uses creates a visually striking beauty. The car has a very masculine bulked up look with it’s large front and rear guards and prominent spindle grille up front, all of which adds to the character that the predecessor (the IS-F) created and now the RC-F continues.

_MG_8205 _MG_8216

Moving to the inside of the car, you notice the lovely seats that wrap around the driver and provide amazing support. A leather wrapped steering wheel that does not feel awkward or difficult to hold greets the driver as you push the start button to hear that lovely V8 burble with the subtle touches of the “F” branding placed all along the instrument panel and drivers side cabin to remind you that you are in their premium sports packaged car in case the deep exhaust gets forgotten. Stitching in this car is crafted with care and passion from my own experience since just simply admiring the layout and execution of the door cards makes you understand why these cars are held in such high regards in terms of European competition. The subtle use of carbon fiber on the window/door controls and along the passenger glove box edge add a touch of class to the sophisticated cabin and compliments the finish very well.

_MG_8189 _MG_8182

Walking around the car I could not help but notice the smaller details that were added to help the car while it was travelling at speed. Little things like the rear arch deflector which I could only imagine produces a slight low pressure zone behind the deflector itself and the smaller angled raises on the rear tail lights that would channel air all add to the wonder and amazement at the level of attention shown to this car. Small things like this can be seen on the GT86 as well which highlights a swapping of information between Toyota and Lexus.

_MG_8173 _MG_8171

Looking through the engine bay is interesting since it is rather nice to view a car maker that takes care and pride in their finished products. The lovely 2UR-GSE features wires that are beautifully wrapped and shielded from heat where needed, rubber hoses that are wrapped in lovely mesh to avoid abrasion and accidental damage which all cumulates to a well finished product that reminds me of my own work where I see aircraft engines finished in the same manner and care.


Overall I love this car very much even if the Carbon Edition only brings with it some appearance items and a smarter Torque Vectoring differential. I am very thankful to Lexus of Auckland City (New Zealand) for giving me the opportunity to walk around the car and admire the craftsmanship through the lens of my camera. I hopefully have done the car justice and will be keeping an eye out for future opportunities from them to bring to this blog.

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