Kate’s CL7 – Beautiful Work in Progress

What is passion? The internet suggests passion is “A very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.” I think that definition would apply to the CL7 I have for this feature as Kate’s passion has produced it.

Being a girl does not mean you are clueless or pay a shop to do your work and then show off the finished results. Kate has worked hard creating the car you see before you with many frustrations along the way like reaching a point where she wanted to sell the car (we have all been there while building our pride and joy). Finding parts and matching them with her own idea was a long process but I think we can all agree the final look is worth the time, and thankfully this is not the finished result!


There are not many manual Euro R’s likes Kate’s going around New Zealand which is a good thing since her styling is individualized and sets her apart from the others. Flares and the front bumper work well with car and don’t detract too much from the overall angles and body style, however, looking at the car from the rear is where the flares make a more prominent statement, allowing Kate to run some lovely 18×9.5″ wheels with 25mm spacers to not only fill the flares but add some much loved camber to the look. Brembo brakes were added to keep the stopping power sufficient as well as compliment any build with quality while the BC Gold adjustable suspension allows her to change the height to suit the application.


I am told that this iteration of the car is only just the beginning with more parts coming for it like new wheels, a new bonnet, seats and a final fitment of the flares. With these things in mind and the way the car looks now, I can only get more excited to see it with all the new parts on. Thankfully Kate is not someone to do it on the cheap and I think the overall style of the car suggests that with good parts being used on a good car to create a fantastic result. While it may be all style and stance, Kate has been on the track just as a play day scenario which has made her want to get back on there so I doubt we will only see Kate’s car parked up at the show and shine.


I am thankful to Kate for allowing me to photograph her car and I look forward to seeing it again once all the parts have arrived and are installed. Keep an eye out for her car at the shows or on track once its done since it will stand out for sure.

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More images below:

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