World Time Attack 2014

World Time Attack 2014

Having always followed World Time Attack and wished I was able to fly over and experience it in person I finally got the chance to towards the end of last year when WTAC was held in Sydney again. I had never been to Sydney before so after a nice relaxing flight trying to stay neutral I landed and proceeded to rent a car and find my hotel.

_MG_0890 _MG_0917

After navigating my way through the CBD I was greeted with a different view from normal and ready to unwind before the trip out to Eastern Creek Raceway. Upon arriving at the designated gate I was greeted with some familiar sites as back home and of course the raceway itself!

_MG_0921 _MG_0925

It was not long before I was strolling through the pit garages looking for my friend who had promised me to let me hang around with Top Secret for the duration of my stay so to say the least I was scanning and walking as quickly as I could to finally meet one of my hero’s and wow was I not disappointed to walk across and see this:

_MG_1119 _MG_0987_MG_1155

Following on to this little excursion to soak up as much JDM muscle as I could

_MG_1234 _MG_1198

_MG_1178 _MG_1136

Enjoying the day along with being around Top Secret exposed me to what I had been missing for years on end and I was severely kicking myself for missing the legendary Cyber Evo but alas I knew once I had been bitten by the WTAC bug I would be back again next year.

_MG_1003 _MG_1111

_MG_1066 _MG_1079

Watching amazing cars set faster and faster lap times all  the while being in the thick of it was amazing and made the whole trip over worth while. I can say if you have not had a chance to experience WTAC in person its something you need to tick off your bucket list as it stays in your memory longer than the event runs for.

_MG_1247 _MG_1564-2

The day was not without some drama though with Top Fuel suffering mechanical failures while out pushing the limits and the Carbon Plus Evo above being banned for illegal aero mods after being looked over by the scrutineer.

_MG_1305 _MG_1111

Besides the racing the legendary and most viewed car there was the Mazda 767B owned by one Mr. Hoshino-San. I will be doing a separate feature on the 767B but here are some teasers to keep you guys happy

_MG_1264 _MG_1359

Top Secret had laid down the gauntlet stating they would be setting the fastest time in the R35 GTR Class compared to HKS and watching the two teams fine tune their machines was amazing. Another familiar site was Suzuki-San and his incredible S15 which featured some amazing and impressive aero in a hope of claiming the top spot of the Pro Class.

_MG_1607 _MG_1973 _MG_2555

While Top Secret didnt manage to beat HKS in the results with the final lap shoot out going to the faster GTR, Smokey did not seem too phased and was smiling none the less. With HKS setting a 1:30.8380 lap time thanks to some precision driving from Nob Taniguchi, Top Secret managed 1:31.7250 which is still impressive thanks to some last minute pressure from the crazy Tarzan Yamada.

_MG_1968 _MG_2560

While that battled excited most if not everyone was focused on the Pro Class battle between Scorch Racing and Tilton Racing. While Tilton was looking slower that Scorch many still had not locked in Suzuki-San taking the title out till the final flag was waved. In the dying minutes of the final hot lap Suzuki-San posted a blistering 1:24.8800 in the S15 and while everyone celebrated thinking that the timing had ended Tilton Racing flew past on their final lap with a 1:24.8412 taking out 2014’s title in Pro Class.

_MG_1900 _MG_2304 _MG_2275 _MG_1549

None the less everyone congratulated Under Suzuki as if he had won since this mans determination and character made him a winner to everyone present at WTAC.

Overall it was a brilliant experience and one I look forward to bettering this year with the 2015 season already announced. Stay tuned for more racing action as I will cover the next World Time Attack competition.

Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

More images from the event:

 _MG_0927 _MG_0930 _MG_0932 _MG_0934 _MG_0939-2 _MG_0947 _MG_0948 _MG_0952 _MG_0953 _MG_0961-2 _MG_0963 _MG_1017 _MG_1121 _MG_1178 _MG_1191 _MG_1200 _MG_1211 _MG_1237 _MG_1274 _MG_1401 _MG_1797 _MG_1824 _MG_2005 _MG_1833

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