GTR Elite Track Day

GTR Elite Track Day 2015


The 8th annual GTR Elite track day was held over the long Auckland Anniversary weekend which saw a number of GTR and Supra owners make the trek from different parts of the country to Taupo to enjoy a fun filled weekend with antics as well as racing.





The caliber of cars was amazing with the caliber of drivers event better. A hot summers day provided a perfect atmosphere for some high tuned monsters to tear around the track and provide not only a visual spectacle but an aural one as well with both the RB26’s and 2JZ-GTE’s singing all day on song.






Overall the weekend went off without a hitch with everyone have a great time on and off the track. While the racing kept everyone’s inner speed demon at bay the off track antics of the pool volleyball and witty banter satisfied the social aspect of the trip.

_MG_9283 _MG_9199




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More images from the day:


_MG_9987 _MG_9991 IMG_9755 _MG_9968 _MG_9932 _MG_9922 _MG_9880 _MG_9845 _MG_9623 _MG_9698 _MG_9558 _MG_9532 _MG_9518 _MG_9473 _MG_9426 _MG_9354 _MG_9383 _MG_9258

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