Toyota Festival 2015 – Part 2

Toyota Festival 2015 – Part 2

A small side update from the festival which will just images that I shot as the day progressed with myself and the GT86/BRZ owners group. Being a GT86 owner myself I can say that the culture and respect this group has is amazing, honestly one of the very few groups I can say I would change any plan to meet up with them.

The Auckland group usually do lunches or track days which is a great way to both enjoy the cars and hang out with great company but more so its always nice to see people pushing these cars doing what they were made to do. Variety is plenty between the cars and while most are stock the exceptions are truly amazing.

Jim Lockwood is one such person who owns the burnt orange supercharged GT86 which will have its own feature coming, it has tasteful parts a plenty with each part carefully planned and thought out before purchase. A few members down south like Paul Pettit who owns an immaculate GT86 TRD version and to top that its the only manual TRD version produced!! I say immaculate because most polish companies have him as a bulk buyer due to him using at least one bottle of polish per week! Peter Sullivan is another 86 who owns two 86’s and has one that is rather popular around theres parts. He has recreated the famous Toyota 2000GT #33 livery in sticker form and has made the 86 truly unique and special. Another special car is the Subaru BRZ which is almost identical to the GT86 with the few cosmetic and undercariage differences. Stuart Thompson is the owner and along with a few other BRZ’s they round off the diversity. There are many more owners to mention however all I know is that each and every one is a true Toyota fan with the exception of the BRZ :p


Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

More images below:

_MG_3819 _MG_3828 _MG_3839 _MG_3779-2_MG_3765-2 _MG_3861_MG_3871 _MG_3908 _MG_3945 _MG_4002  _MG_4051 _MG_4054 _MG_4083 _MG_3797-2_MG_4049 _MG_4056_MG_4059 _MG_4061

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