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It’s not every day that a huge influential figure from Japan comes down to the tiny island of New Zealand to work on some very special cars, However the above did happen a few weeks ago when Nakai – San touched down and began to work his magic.


Those unfamiliar with the name might be a little surprised at how Nakai – San has become the well-known person that he is now. Japan and Porsche are not two names usually connected together in relation, but in this instance, Japan is the reason for Porsche to be relate-able. Nakai – San is well know around the world for one reason, taking perfectly sculpted Porsche’s and turning them into wide, aggressive and attention grabbing canvases of art. Sheer determination and two eyes for detail make viewing Nakai – San’s work a privilege and I can now understand why he requests, upon buying his personally designed body kit, that he fits them himself due to the perfectionist in him.


With all that said, from having seen people cover RWB builds in the USA, China, Europe and else where, I am proud to say that New Zealand has joined the club with RWB 001 and 002 being finished. Nakai – San personally names each and every car he has ever built, and these two were no exception. So with great appreciation I would like to introduce:






Owners Anthony and Nan both went through a few weeks of intense dead lines and commitments to make these happen but I think from an outside perspective, it was worth every bit or stress. Aside from naming his creations personally, Nakai – San also chose the colors for these cars which I think is amazing due to him having a clear idea of what he wants his final product to look like, and then being able to have full creative control to gain the perfect end result. Waikato and Hekigyoku are both very wide! I think it is hard to justify that comment without seeing it in person and while I have seen it in person, I can say that when you look at the sheer size of the guards, you understand why people love the look but more over why there is so much work involved in fitting everything perfectly. Edges are finished perfectly, fender fixtures are lined with precision and when it was all said and done and the big reveal finally completed, it’s safe to say everyone standing there looking at the two RWB Porsche’s were brimming with admiration not just of the two owners, but because of the utter beauty in Nakai – San’s craftsmanship.


I am very grateful I was able to attend the unveiling of Waikato and Hekigyoku, however I managed to sweet talk my way into photographing both cars once they are back in their home town of Hamilton. Although this may be a very short blog, I hope you stay tuned to see solo full coverage features of these two beautiful pieces of perfection.


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