Honda Meet – Vtec Kicked In!!

Vtec? Type R? Those words or phrases as it has been coined has become famous in the world of JDM cars/enthusiast. Some people have used it in a negative way to mock the hugely popular and stout front wheel drive pocket rockets where as others have used this amazing performance system to create some of the worlds fastest and most renowned front wheel drive cars on the planet.

VTec, Mugen Mugen

Which ever way you look at Honda as a car company or as a brand there is no denying the fact that their hydraulic actuation system that switches between economic cam profiles to higher lift performance profiles has been vastly popular and effective at getting the most power cheaply from a naturally aspirated engine. Looking at some rough power figures ranging from the B18C at 180hp-190hp to the K24 which produced between 200hp-205hp with rev limits set north of 7500RPM, its easy to see why these light weight cars coupled with powerful engines are a popular choice. Honda and it’s tuning house Mugen have created some amazing aftermarket parts for these Type R thorough bred’s and I was lucky enough to be a passenger in one and cruise in a convoy of many.

The day started of with a trip to the local wash world to get the cars clean. I was lucky enough to be with Kate in her new seats (but that will be another feature) as we headed to clean her car along with another friend Daniel. Daniel has a turbocharged Honda that is making some amazing power for such a light and compact DC5.

_MG_0892 _MG_0899

Once the cleaning was done it was a small trek to the initial meeting point to meet the rest of the Honda owners before leaving for our final meeting spot. I was a bit apprehensive to meet so many new people that I had never thought of associating with before seeing as I had little interest in Honda’s/ Type R’s let alone owned one but I went along despite that to get some new content. I had thought this meet would be full of photography and no car talk but boy was I pleasantly surprised. Cl7’s were on prominent display thanks to the CL7/9 group organizing the meet with some stand out cars such as a pearl white immaculate CL7 with full genuine Mugen body kit and NSX brakes!! A bright orange CL7 that is claiming top spot among the FWD cars at New Zealand Super Lap. 0HYPE and TEA5E which are both CL7’s as well showed up in style as well with perfect ride height and wheel combos on both cars. One general theme I found looking at the cars were that they were all immaculate and featured a vast range of modifications from engine work to small subtle Mugen spoilers that attached discretely with carbon mounts. It’s the small things that make such a subtle yet perfect change to a car.

_MG_0917 _MG_8966_MG_0959 _MG_0947

I have organized meets before and I have met a fair few people but what I found upon getting out of Kate’s car was just a huge collective of friendly and welcoming people. Not only CL7’s were invited but past owners who were in different cars now turned up. A pair of beautiful Evo 10’s were present and looked amazing, along with a RX7 and a S2000.

_MG_1063 _MG_1065

We finally had all the members gathered and proceeded to a lovely spot called Kawakawa Bay. Beach and sun was on the cards along with lovely cars and amazing people..perfect!! A quick bite to eat at the local fish and chips store saw everyone gather around for some tasty junk food and with the heat radiating through ice cream was on a priority as well.

_MG_1037 _MG_1032 _MG_1052

Speaking to some of the owners, I got a sense of pride in their cars and that is always so nice to see because they took pride in what they presented and respected what the other owners brought on the day too. Its a refreshing change from the usual local car scene where everyone is trying to be above the rest.

_MG_1019 _MG_1013_MG_1017 _MG_1058

As the time passed and home drew near I happily sat with Kate again to see what the infatuation is all about as we tore through some twisting back roads. With the car being a 4 door I thought it would feel bulky or unstable but how wrong was I. Kate pushed her car through the corners with ease and the chassis and car as a whole happily followed her inputs with little to no disagreement. VTec finally kicked in along the route and what a feeling of urgency came out of her car, the engine noise became a deep rumble and both the speedometer and tachometer reached for maximum output as quickly as they could. I can honestly say riding in her car and experiencing VTec for the first time, I can see what the fuss is about with owning these cars. Amazingly some owners are going to be modifying their Type R’s to become even faster so I can say without a doubt there will be many more Honda’s featured on this blog with nothing but respect as their owners showed me!

Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

More images below:

_MG_0901 _MG_0905 _MG_0925 _MG_0926 _MG_0927 _MG_0929 _MG_0930 _MG_0934 _MG_0937 _MG_0940 _MG_0941 _MG_0950 _MG_0951 _MG_0956 _MG_0957 _MG_0961 _MG_0962 _MG_0969 _MG_0974 _MG_0972  _MG_0979 _MG_0978 _MG_0982 _MG_0986 _MG_0993 _MG_0996 _MG_1015 _MG_0991 _MG_0989 _MG_0988 _MG_0997 _MG_1022 _MG_1024 _MG_1054 _MG_1056 _MG_1062 _MG_1061 _MG_1087 _MG_1098 _MG_1082 _MG_1076 _MG_1118 _MG_1130 _MG_8937 _MG_8923 _MG_8959 _MG_8943 _MG_8968 _MG_8973 _MG_8979 _MG_8980

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