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Queens Birthday CCL Track Day

CCL throw on exciting track days and this Queens birthday bash was no exception. Lovely cars with a good atmosphere created a perfect day despite the wind chill!

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Rauh Welt Begriff

It’s not every day that a huge influential figure from Japan comes down to the tiny island of New Zealand to work on some very special cars, However the above did happen a few weeks ago when Nakai – San touched down and began to work his magic. Those unfamiliar with the name might be a little surprised at how Nakai – San has become the well-known person that he is now

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Honda Meet – Vtec Kicked In!!

Vtec? Type R? Those words or phrases as it has been coined has become famous in the world of JDM cars/enthusiast. Some people have used it in a negative way to mock the hugely popular and stout front wheel drive pocket rockets where as others have used this amazing performance system to create some of the worlds fastest and most renowned front wheel drive cars on the planet.

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Mothers – Chrome Expression Session 2015

The yearly Mothers – Chrome Expression Session 2015 kicked off with rain and dreary weather at Hampton Downs. A beautiful line up of cars waiting to get through the gates greeted me as I arrived with a few friends to see some of New Zealand’s finest cars.

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BMW Drivers Club – Skid Pan/Gymkhana Day

The day started off like most days heading to Hampton Downs in the winter: Rain and fog with a nice chill in the air. Luckily upon arriving thought I was glad to see that did not deter the BMW group from setting up and then proceeding on to throw their European rear wheel driver machines around a tight course.

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MR2/GT86 Owners Day Drive 2015

An early start of 7am was in order to kick off the annual MR2/GT86 owners drive through the country side to a few well known spots to enjoy some lunch and views. A great balance of handling and driving skills was on display as we tore through winding roads pushing the grip of the tyres and the balance of the body at each corner

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Wellington Hard Park 2015

It was a early start to the morning with a flight from Auckland down to Palmerston North to a friend who would proceed to drive me down in her amazingly clean MK II Grande to the Wellington 2015 Hard Park. With 650+ cars forecast to attend it was going to be a great day!

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Toyota Festival 2015

Once again the annual Toyota Festival reared its head down for a weekend filled with all sorts of beautiful looking Toyota’s. Some truly amazing cars showcased along the main parking area while there were some pushing their pride and joy’s on the track or skid pan.

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Toyota Festival 2015 – Part 2

Part 2 of the Toyota Festival focuses on the images I shot while the day progressed with the GT86 owners club. Being a GT86 owner myself I got to thoroughly enjoy myself tracking the car with friends and hopefully getting some good shots of them in their element.

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Ardmore – Wings vs Wheels 2015

Ardmore airport played home to a biyearly car event on Sunday that drew in a brilliant crowd. Viewing the cars as I walked around I noticed a good number from the V4&Rotary show earlier in the year but with them being parked outside in the beautiful rising sun made them look much better!

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Matt Farah from Drive Visits New Zealand 2015

Matt Farah from Youtube channel Drive visited New Zealand recently to tour the country and check out some of the wicked builds happening down under.

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V4&Rotary Show 2015

New Zealands largest yearly car show drew hundreds of cars for this years show with some amazing projects on display. Everything was there from low riders to front end conversions to rotary heaven. The level of quality has once again been raised.

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