Start of the Type R

Building a car is never as simple as it seems. People that have gone through the process can attest that at the start of any build everything seems straight forward and well planned, and sadly, as the weeks turn into months and the months flow on to years the build seems to stall almost indefinitely.


Starting off small and working her way to bigger things is the obvious ambition for Stacey who owns this lovely DC2 Type R Integra. Silver seems to give off a nice silhouette to the Honda’s lines and while white may be the common and favored color, I can’t fault the way the car looks out in the sun. Starting with the wheels which look clean and simple, the Buddy Club P1’s are very subtle and offer a different take from the TE37’s and Enkei RPF1’s which are all too common now. Helping to close the guard to wheel gap is a set of K-Sport adjustable suspension which sets the ride height perfectly and yet still keeps the car practical, following on to that are some aftermarket camber arms. Updated 98 spec hubs and brakes are used to help with the stopping power as well. Mirrors are hardly ever a focal point but Stacey’s car seems to be running some very nice carbon mirrors that compliment the car well.


Moving to the inside Stacey has managed to redo the door card trims and rear deck trim in some nice Bride material, which by contrast feature the classic red Recaro seats that are sought after now days. A very interesting shift knob graces the center console and while I can say I am not a personal fan of these huge shifters, It is a very elegant shift knob compared to the others I have seen.


Engine wise, the car is fitted with the infamous B18C which happily revs to 8700 RPM and produces roughly 190HP standard. Stacey has some 98 spec cams which feature a larger intake cam profile to fill the cylinders with just that little more air, along with the cams, the engine features a very rare and desirable ARC intake chamber and some aftermarket headers to help move that larger volume of air through to a Buddy Club straight pipe exhaust. All of this could not be happily married in unison without some proper tuning so thankfully the car is tuned and safe with all the minor mods that are done so far. Luckily this engine will be removed soon and replaced with something producing a bit more power while this current engine is rebuilt to make more power the the original designers intended.


Overall I think most people would agree that this car is clean and simple with no ostentatious exterior or interior novelties that add nothing of value to the car. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for this car with Stacey’s plans, I am sure this will be a very interesting build to follow that hopefully won’t fall into the stalling trap that so many become tangled in.


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