Standing Apart – Nausheed’s Meticulous GTR

I have covered the group of GTR’s that this one car featured in a few months ago, however I was compelled to set aside some time to photograph Nausheed’s BCNR32 separately.


Owning a GTR in New Zealand is still a rare thing, as much as we have seen them gracing some of the most famous websites/magazines/blogs here in New Zealand, they have still been few and far between. While I covered four of them in one sitting I still am yet to see them become the next MX5 or GT86. Price and understanding is probably a deciding factor in keeping these cars rare and looked after and while the GT86 may not be cheap and you readers thinking it is not becoming the next MX5, I have just sold my very own GT86 so I can say it slowly is…sadly.


Going full circle back to the original topic of conversation, I can say without any hesitation that Nausheed has one of the most distinct and well looked after BNCR32 in New Zealand. It might not be the fastest or the one that draws in hundreds of people but like any labor of love, it stands out to reflect Nausheed’s hard work and dedication. I am not sure we have seen many stance set up GTR’s here on the New Zealand shores, and while this particular one may not be getting stuck on ants it surely does have a perfect fitment and ride height that puts him to play with some of the nicest stanced cars around here.


The exterior of the car begins with a lovely one off made under tray morphing into a front lower splitter that draws your eyes first, it’s subtle but adds that touch of aggressiveness to the car. A front mounted oil cooler ahead of the intercooler catches your eye next and while it may be easy to pick fault with it’s placement, I think that was the whole point of it’s mounted catch your eye. Moving past the GTR’s bulging signature Godzilla guards towards the rear of the car,it is the fuel filler door of all things that strikes your eye next as it pays homage (intentional or not) to the cars roots, Japan. The subtle yet beautiful design is something special on this car because it highlights what I mentioned earlier in this ramble about Nausheed’s attention to detail. Lower down the rear bumper we have a carbon fiber diffuser which by now everyone has seen or owns so while it may not scream one off, it does compliment the car’s aggressive styling very well.

115 091

Moving upwards you notice the stock Godzilla spoiler has something attached to it?? Unsure of what this is, I happily took a closer look to find it is a one of a kind (in New Zealand anyway) Fujimura Rocket Dancer spoiler. Beauty is defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”, and I am certain that anyone looking at the pictures I have presented would attest that this spoiler is beautiful. Admiring the craftsmanship of the carbon fiber and the weave pattern, I can say without any reluctance that this piece is a work of art and completes the exterior of Nausheed’s GTR perfectly, if not completely.

307 089

Engine wise, Nausheed has not been a slouch with half measures. Engine wise the GTR is running on stock internals but has some trusty HKS cam gears to make sure the fabled RB26 gets the appropriate amount of air in as well as expell the burnt mixture out, GReddy are involved to keep timing dead set with a upgraded belt and a polished intake plenum as well as rocker covers finish off the RB26 block. Moving to the forced induction side of things a pair of Apexi intake filters clean the air before funneling them to the brilliant pair of steel wheeled, stronger N1 turbos. A external oil cooler is added to keep the oil temperature happy and all this mayhem is controlled but a trusted and well established HKS F-Con V Pro ECU. Fueling is also taken care of with a external Bosch 044 fuel pump and complimentary surge tank feeding the fuel through some nice braided lines to a SARD fuel pressure regulator and on to the stock fuel rail.

128 130

Interior wise, the car is beautifully unmolested and cared for. A simple Momo steering wheel sits right at home and blends in perfectly while the pair of pillar mounted GReddy gauges tell Nausheed everything he needs to know while on the fly with boost pressure and oil pressure available at a quick glance. Factory installed, a triple gauge panel sits just above the air conditioning controls that provide additional information/secondary information with boost pressure, oil temperature and battery voltage on display.

122 125

I feel after a verbal and visual walk around this immaculate car, you can hopefully come to appreciate the care and effort Nausheed has put in to create his vision of what his R32 GTR should look like, and I can honestly say that his version of this infamous car is astounding. It may not pack a huge amount of power that when used slows the earths rotation, but in terms of dedication and commitment to seeing his ideas through, this car pack a whole lot of it and then some. I am thankful I got to photograph this car and will hopefully be featuring more of it in the coming new year.


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