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Personal taste is always something hotly debated. Only reason for this debate is that some people do not understand the concept of judging something based on the amount of care or detail taken to achieve the final product, but rather, judge the item based on their own personal preference.


I think it is fair to say that most people visiting this site have viewed this gleaming white CL7 at least once, and while it make have looked the business before, Byron has certainly taken “yet another” CL7 and turned it into something unique and amazing at the same time. While not much has changed I think it is brilliant to say the new wheels look perfect! Byron had to think hard when ordering the wheel color and getting them powder coated since it really is a make or break against a white canvas. Volk sure do make some lovely wheels, timeless classics like these Volk CE28n’s highlighted in electric blue sure do make the car stand out with a white frame making these wheels pop.


Secretly though, a more subtle but even more impressive part was added overnight almost. Toda which is beyond famous around the world and in the Honda scene was brought in to add some much needed bark to a car that looks this good. Byron searched high and low for a unique exhaust and fell in love with the sound and subtle look of the Toda set up. While he initially placed an order for a brand new system through a local parts shop here in New Zealand, he was sadly scammed out of his hard earned money with the shop promising to deliver the exhaust while taking the full payment upfront. After months of back and forth between the shop and Byron, he enlisted the help of the bank he deals with to recover the money which thankfully they managed to do. As that saga finally ended he was able to source a second hand system in the mother land (Japan) and install it overnight as it arrived.


Lastly and most noticeable from the rear shots is the installation of a carbon boot lid. White really is a great blank canvas to build from and Byron has done an amazing job with accentuating the white with carbon highlights that don’t over power the overall look of the car. While the boot lid may not add any horsepower gains or lighten the car for circuit racing which to some people may seem pointless, it comes back full circle to the opening statement which is personal taste. Byron wanted a carbon boot lid and bought one…hate it or love it all that matters is that he got what he wanted and I cant help but love looking at that weave!



A few more plans are in store for this car and I will cover as much as I can while it is still being pieced together so that when the final product is done you can go back and read about where it all started from. For now just enjoy the pictures.


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