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The path less traveled sometimes rewards with the best experiences. Never stray from your hearts desire, nor listen to the masses when they say your vision is wasted. Cumbersome, unremarkable, ugly duckling or even just ridiculous are some of the words bantered about to describe the less loved of the Nissan Skyline GTR incarnations, the R33 GTR.


While people follow trends with what is popular to the mainstream audience, there are some that decide to travel down a path cast aside by most due to lack of interest and while often this results in amazing creations in the form of automotive goodness, some create amazing examples of what can be achieved if you just listen to your own dreams.


Nissan Skyline needs no more of an introduction than I have given already with the few GTR’s I have been fortunate enough to grace the website with, however this would be my first time and a long awaited opportunity to finally photograph one of the best colors on a car from a automaker that I have ever seen.  Midnight Purple is the color and what a deep dream it is when looking at it in the flesh, while I have seen many pearl paint jobs, both standard factory finishes along with custom repaints, there is something about Midnight Purple that I cannot get enough of. Shaggy who you will be familiar with already from having that amazingly clean white R32 Godzilla I featured some time ago sold that remarkable car to purchase this beauty, and while I love the white Godzilla thoroughly I cannot say I am disappointed with his latest beast.


I was surprised to hear Shaggy bought the R33 due to many not liking the rounded shape and overall larger look, however I think him and I both fell in love with the color first and foremost followed closely by the goodies this marvelous machine was packing. Starting with some Wiseco forged pistons and forged I beam conrods the engine was built using only the best. 6 1000cc injectors ensured more than enough fuel was supplied to the heavy breathing engine while the Garrett GTX turbo in the form of a 3582R helped force feed some charged air into the engine to make sure the power was on par with the legendary tales that surround the GTR in general. Tomei came to the party in the form of large high lift 270 degree cams, valve springs and retainers, a high flow oil pump and a baffle sump kit! Tipping the scales in genuine parts HKS brought some much loved cam gears and dual blow off valves to ensure when Shaggy got off the loud pedal, no charged air would reverse flow and potentially damage the GTX monster. A slew of other genuine goodies like a Apexi, ARC and ATI Super Damper make this car a very well put together piece of kit and while the import process may have been tiring, I can honestly say judging from the work carried out, it was worth it. A huge mention to Arnie and Ian at Extreme Performance for building a solid engine package.


ST Hitec was in charge of checking the car over and making sure things were running well and as we all know ST Hitec’s brilliant work so far the car was in good hands. Ian and the team presented the car making 380KW on pump fuel with a further 470KW on E85!! The power output certainly did maintain the GTR’s Godzilla moniker and with the safe hands at ST Hitec giving it a good bill of health, Shaggy was more than happy to push the cars limits.


Exterior wise aside from the gorgeous paint the car features, some brilliant Vosco VR1 wheels with amazing concave (which is a nice trend) grace the contact patch of the car and as everyone knows, the right wheel choice can make or break the overall look of a car so I think Shaggy has a great eye on keeping the overall look spot on. Ride height was set using some D2 adjustable suspension and has allowed the R33 GTR to sit perfectly to look both impeccable stationary yet allow it to put down the power without being too low as to scrape on the road. Carbon is always welcome on a car no matter how much you put on, a larger than factory carbon blade now protrudes out from the rear GTR wing mounts and looks completely at home in terms of the flow of the car, with the dark carbon contrasting perfectly against the shimmering paint. More carbon graces the front of the car to compliment the rear in the form of a subtle yet once you notice it lovely front lip. HKS completes the rear of the car with some beautifully balanced melodies created through a HKS Priest exhaust system.


Moving through the interior of the car, the cockpit is just the way I think a set up should be, nice and clean. No blinding array of gauges nor ill fitted inserts into the dash panels but rather just a nice simple layout which suggests why improve on perfection. Nissan did a great job already with the cabin so it was nice to see small touches that did not detract from the car at all. A simple Tomei shift knob and boost gauge neatly mounted is all that the interior features in the form of aftermarket additions and if you looked over the car quickly you would barely notice the changes.


I am very happy and lucky to have shot a Midnight Purple GTR as it has been on my to do list for a long time and while Shaggy has sold the car already, I am sure he enjoyed the time spent with such a beast. His new R32 GTR is featuring a lot more in terms of well built parts so the next feature of his should be one to watch out for but for now I will savor the memory of his R33 GTR.


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