Godzilla and Friends

The Nissan Skyline GTR, a model of car synonymous with anyone who is remotely interested in the automotive scene at all.

Starting with the R32 GTR which was the first to feature the fabled RB26 engine, we have two beautiful examples that I was fortunate enough to photograph. Both cars are the same, yes, both are R32 GTR’s, but the modifications and vision for both are completely different and whereas one is staunch and sleek the other is simple and immaculate which I think sets them apart and yet draws your attention to how the same car can look so different.


Shaggy is the owner of the beautiful white R32 GTR V-Spec seen below. Top Secret is legendary, with Smokey creating some of the most radical RB26 and 2JZ equipped cars coming out from Japan. Shaggy’s GTR is no exception, With Top Secret having worked on this car before it being shipped from the land of the rising sun to the land of the long white cloud. A HKS T04R turbo (Top Secret don’t buy cheap parts!) sits in place of the factory twin turbos to funnel forced air into all 6 cylinders to give the car a massively impressive 340 kilowatts at all four wheels! Sleeper is an accurate description here and while it may look immaculate, the mileage surely does prove it, with this pristine example only having 60,000 KM’s on the odometer.

_MG_1340 _MG_1333

Mohammed’s black immaculate GTR was an unplanned purchase as he is secretly working on building an amazing GT Starlet! Needless to say this example is pristine with weekend mileage on the clock, taken out on special days when he requires his daily boost fix. Once the Starlet is running I have no doubt he will have his hands full controlling that beast but till then the GTR will always stay as his special get away. A new addition which has not been seen in New Zealand yet (photographs are still to come) is the Fujimura Rocket Dancer spoiler that adds that much needed distinguished look to set it truly apart from what roams around New Zealand in the form of Godzilla’s.

_MG_1276 _MG_1311

For some reason I don’t see many people infatuated with the R33 GTR, the second generation Skyline with a few engine upgrades and a much smarter ATTESA E-TS Pro system. I personally love the R33 GTR and if I could own one I would happily jump at the chance. Upgrading is a view that changes between individuals so when the owner of this amazing R33 GTR (Ashnil) sold his highly modified and extremely fast R32 GTR for this imported model out of Japan, I think many people questioned why. The example before you I think sets the answers out clearly as this car is both extremely quick and aesthetically pleasing.

_MG_1149 _MG_1169

Last in the line up I was privileged enough to see and take a ride in is the famous R34 GTR called ‘I Demon’. Judging from the collection the late Paul Walker had and his love for the car, Nissan must have hit this generation out of the park, and from my short but very fast ride in this beautiful R34 GTR I can confirm they have. Faizal has worked tirelessly and completely on his own to both design some of the parts seen on this car like the Z-Tune strut tower bar along with the splitter seen gracing the front bumper. Engine work is plenty and well executed judging by the 600kw plus sticker proudly displayed on the rear quarter glass. Overall the balance of this car is amazing with not too much done to it so that it looks tacky, however, enough that when you look closely you noticed the smaller finer details like the crafted Z-Tune front guards. Being privileged to be passenger on the way to the shoot I can confirm that the neck snapping acceleration these cars are famous for is well and truly accurate and then you wind up in the passenger seat of Faizal’s car.

_MG_1391 _MG_1396

Moving on to a different animal from the Nissan stable is this lovely Laurel C35. Stance could be claimed on this car with the amount of tuck it has but I have seen photos and heard of it heading down to the local drag strip so while it may look all show it certainly packs a punch when it goes. The clean lines of the Laurel have been maintained and a front bumper and side skirts are all that draw attention in terms of body work. Execution overall is great with the car standing out for all the right reasons.

_MG_1199 _MG_1193

Pulsar? a sedan version at that? This unique example is a family stable mate having been in Ashnil’s family for over 16 years. Engine wise it has a potent SR20VET derived from none other than the Nissan X-Trail. Many would wonder why not stick in a popular SR20DET as found in the GTiR, but having only intake cam timing control means that it is already at a disadvantage when compared to the SR20VET due to it having both intake timing control as well as lift duration of the valves. What that translates to is a engine that can adjust how much timing is needed pending engine load through the RPM scale as well as extending the lift (how long the valve stays open to let in more air) to suit the engines demand. A similar technology to understand would be Vtec and how that has two distinct cam profiles or lobes which offer different lift duration. Advan RG’s compliment the car very well and the GTiR bonnet scoop is subtle enough to blend in but gives away the clue that this sedan is packing more than it lets on.

_MG_1365 _MG_1370

Lastly we have the Evolution GSR. This car sounds incredible and everything about it from the diff lock to the full cage screams business, yet the car will happily be driven down the street as I saw with it being road registered. Full Evo III running gear is swapped in place and has given this car a blistering 10.6 down the quarter mile. Evidence of this can be subtly picked up on by the drag wing gracing the rear of the car or the lovely turbo intake hidden just behind the lower passenger side front bumper, all of which makes for an interesting choice in street driven but none the less would ensure excitement is given every time the party pedal is pushed.

_MG_1217 _MG_1219

Overall I had a blast shooting these cars and feel extremely privileged and grateful to have been given this chance. Thank you to the owners for their time!


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