Evo 8 on Corn Diet

Fuel comes in different variations now, gone are the days of leaded petrol superseded by unleaded fuel. Moving from regular fuels such as 91 unleaded to a more refined blend that allows for a higher compression (Octane rating) such as 98 unleaded allows the engine to compress the fuel and air mixture more before ignition occurs and a higher compression can usually mean a lower chance of knocking or detonation where the fuel ignited unevenly changes the moment at which combustion occurs and moves it away from the optimal point. Detonation can over heat internal parts such as piston crowns and valves while prolonged detonation can damage cylinder walls and bend con-rods.


Solving this issue seems complicated however lucky for most of us there are very clever people around the world that found corn or other yeast substitutes produce a by product through fermentation that once distilled is known as ethanol. Mix ethanol with gasoline and you have a superior blend of knock inhibiting, power producing fuel called E85 that can be compressed further than 98 unleaded while staying stable. What does all this nonsense about fuel have to do with the feature below? This yellow menace gulps E85 down and seats the driver firmly in the bolsters!


Introducing Rizwan and his yellow Evo 8 named affectionately “Minion”. I first ran into this stealthy Evo back in 2015 at a car show called “Ardmore Wheels and Wings”, it was sporting some different wheels but none the less it was still stunning. Fast forward a few years and I have had the great privilege to photograph this car in it’s new trim sporting new wheels and a engine package to surprise anyone that lines up thinking this Evo is all show and no go.


I have gone on in great lengths about the Evo’s rally history and amazing four wheel drive system, how the models each generation represent refinement in the highest order. This particular Evo is the 8th generation from the esteemed heritage and while it make look similar to the Evo 7, it improves on it’s ancestor by introducing the revised and improved Super AYC traction control system along with a improved ABS system. 17″ lightweight Enkei wheels are worn along with a revised 5 speed gearbox (6 speed for the MR versions) and improved shocks courtesy of Bilstein to handle power transfer. All of these ‘improvements’ went out the door once Riz got going with the car, as most of the original engine was upgraded with the standard 4G63 motor set at 2.0L of displacement, Riz decided it was not enough and so tasked Autech with stroking and rebuilding the engine to match his plans.


2.3L of displacement now take full advantage of the increased duration sequence of the intake and exhaust valves being opened/closed thanks to some HKS cams and HKS cam gears which in turn allow an increased amount of spent exhaust gas to spool the larger frame turbo. The larger frame turbo sits a top a Sinco exhaust manifold and allows the Tial wastegate to scream once target boost pressure is realized through settings on the boost controller. Controlling the madness is a renown and trusted Link G4+ ECU which makes sure everything is running as sweet as a cob and the Tilton twin plate clutch receives as much power as the Autech built engine will produce to transfer that to the rear wheels. How much power would it take to spin the 18×10 Konig racing wheels wrapped in some sticky Nitto Invo tyres? Try 400+ KW at the wheels! Madness is the first word that comes to mind..once it catches up to your body as you go for a ride in something this quick. Riz certainly has outdone himself with this car and happily states he will be keeping it for the foreseeable future.


Exterior wise, not much needed to be done since the Evo comes as aggressive as it gets, but some lovely carbon side skirts and rear lips, along with a properly thought out polycarbonate front lip contrast with the lovely deep yellow that covers the rest of the canvas. A carbon GT wing replaces the stock ABS and carbon wing and gives the car that much needed aggression when viewing it from behind. Factory gave owners chrome rear and front headlight housings which can look a bit strange on the yellow car so thankfully Riz tinted the rear and front lights to keep in theme with the black and yellow look.



Overall this car is beautiful inside and out, and knowing that Riz has put his heart and soul into this car in the 2 years of ownership make it very special indeed. While it may be a E85 drinking “Minion” on steroids watching it being driven to the shoot location showed just how easily it could be used as a daily driver minus the fuel bill. I cannot wait to see where this car heads next, but from what Riz has achieved within the 2 year span, I can safely say it will be nothing short of exceptional.



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