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Automotive transportation has changed over the years, going from a rare sight to be seen and only the upper class using it, to it being used to express ones self in a form non conventional with society. We now see cars being used to express groups or a collection of people with one clear goal for their cars.


Some build cars for a practical purpose, be that circuit racing, drifting or just the rigors of the daily commute into work. Other individuals use it to garner attention and appreciation for their hard work on achieving their dream ideal of a car, be that as impractical as it may seem. Personally I have no problem with the whole ‘stance’ scene since some of the cars coming out of those groups are astounding, however there are some that just push the envelope a little too extreme and go past the point of ‘stance’ to the fringes of blatantly absurd.


WWS seems to be the standard ‘stance’ starter pack, with the acronym standing for Wheels/Wing/Slam. Throw on some awesome Japanese wheels that draw attention a mile away with highly polished wheel lips that could fit a small person inside, bolt on a huge wing that would serve to actually decrease down force and possibly provide lift if it were ever put into actual track use and lastly slam the car to achieve that massive camber and full flush stance that everyone so desires. With this starter pack being adopted by so many, it was a bit strange to hear Kate had done a few modifications that sounded initially like she had followed the WWS guide as well.


Pleasantly surprised I was as I arrived at Kate’s house to accompany her to the shoot location, having only spoken to her about the new changes to her car I still had no idea what it looked like since the last time I saw it. Tastefully modified is a phrase I like to use to define cars that I personally feel look just right, and to me, I think Kate has once again taken her CL7 to another level that still looks seamless. On my previous article I mentioned her new wheels being Volk TE37’s but what I did not mention, is that they needed some minor rework in order to make them as stunning as the rest of the car. Upon my arrival in the afternoon I was so happy to see they were cleaned up with new stickers put on making them look impeccable once again.
Shooting the car for the third time, I should not be surprised by what I am photographing through my lens, however Kate has a good habit of changing thing in the car regularly so during our shoot I kept finding little changes that overall fit the whole theme. Small items like JC (Kate’s significant other) spacing the front fenders really add to that aggressive stance on top of the over fenders, subtle enough to be missed but once noticed, attract a load of appreciation for the entire package. Red Brembo front calipers once blended in behind the gorgeous TE37’s but not anymore, a lovely contrasting Tiffany Blue hue was painted on and sadly the pictures do not do the color justice. Standing out in a good way, the brakes really do ‘pop’ from behind the TE37’s and once travelling at any speed the brakes become clearly visible and the color compliments the CL7’s body blue in the best way.


One thing to notice and it grabs attention straight away is the very large wing now adorning the boot lid area. I am personally not a fan of wings just tacked on to something that does not suit, but thankfully, Kate has chosen well and stolen the wing from her very understanding boyfriend’s DC5 Honda. Size does matter and this wing is a perfect fit on a big bodied car, carbon end plates with a carbon central wing really does break up the all blue theme of the car and adds that little bit of excitement to a relatively plain rear end. Striking it is for sure but thankfully not over bearing at all and I think that is the key with choosing a wing that will serve more for looks than function while maintaining a great flowing design.


Inside the car there have been some changes as well, I mentioned the Brides on my last cover, but now another Japanese quality item has sprung up on the dash. Triple meters now provide crucial information to Kate while she is out on the track courtesy of Defi. Anyone that hangs around cars and the automotive scene will know that Defi is a major trusted brand making some top quality accurate gauge displays. Water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature show Kate exactly what the motor is doing in terms of heat as that can be the killer of motors on the track being pushed to their limits, warnings have been set which are a cool feature that allow the user to set a defined temperature or pressure limit and the gauge will emit a audible beep should that limit ever be met or exceeded, ensuring the driver can hear if there is any danger to the engine while keeping their eye on the road/track.


I do feature Kate’s car a fair bit, I am up to my third feature and yet every time I see her car it has changed (and for the better). I am very grateful for having my first break into solo photography though Kate trusting me to photograph her car and from there I have worked on getting better all the while having her support. Kate may have a car people do not like, and she may have people that make their insignificant opinions very clear and enjoy repeating negative views, however Kate also knows she has a very strong and loyal group of friends that will always support her and her build no matter what direction she chooses to follow. I think the biggest driver behind such a lovely build is the relationship between Kate and JC, those two have put a hard slog into this car to make it what it is now and standing back while taking it in, I can say they have done the CL7 justice in almost every aspect.

There will be much more to come from this little CL7 so stay tuned as I will be sure to cover the next installment that is the build of Kate’s CL7.


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