Byron’s Mugen CL7

Another Honda CL7 is what you would be thinking right?? After all I have featured Kate’s beautiful CL7 on here numerous times. While the novelty of seeing a CL7 featured on this blog may be wearing thin, I hope you will read the writing below to find out why Byron’s CL7 is a unique gem.

I first saw Byron’s car at the huge Honda meet that happened a few months ago, Seeing it for the first time and then being introduced to the owner I could tell I wanted a chance to see this car alone at some point. Speaking to Byron at the photoshoot I learnt that he has a second gem hidden away in storage. A CD Accord that has been in his family for 23 years, which from the looks of his CL7, will be in flawless condition as well. Fingers crossed I manage to see this CD in person but for now I will focus on the lovely CL7 he has.


The stars aligned a few weekends ago and I was graced with getting a photoshoot done with one of the most cleanest CL7’s in New Zealand. Looking over the car, it’s hard to miss just how clean it really is (literally), Byron keeps his car immaculate inside and out with that pearl white gleaming in the sunlight set off by the shine of those black Work D9R’s.


Exterior wise Byron’s car looks subtly different but nothing that will stand out as aftermarket. However after speaking to him I learnt that the car is adorned with a genuine Mugen body kit which is amazing since it’s not too common to see those genuine kits floating around to purchase. Carbon is present in the form of a rear spoiler and while on the topic of carbon, a soon to be delivered and installed carbon bonnet will be featuring on this car and hopefully the next photoshoot too. As I have mentioned the gorgeous black Work D9R’s filling the guards the one thing that most over look are the gold calipers hiding behind the spokes. NSX is not related to the CL7 in any way most would think, until you look closer at this car and see those famous three letters protruding out of their casting. Byron hunted for a full set of front and rear genuine calipers off the NSX and thankfully a friend of his in Japan found some from a late model crashed NSX. Needless to say Byron jumped at the chance and the end result is some bloody rare calipers bolted on to a pristine and fully genuine CL7.

011 050

Honda fitted these cars with a K20 2.0L engine and while there is nothing chromed or sparkling in the engine bay, it is kept clean and fresh thanks to some meticulous care. The K20 breathes through a well presented and very fitting carbon fiber Guppe M RAM intake set up which helps the Vtec equipped motor push this car to speeds not allowable on public roads.

089 092

Overall I would have to say this is one amazing CL7 to feature on my blog, I am both grateful and privileged to have been given the chance to photograph such a stunner of a car and I look forward to photographing it again in the new future when the next round of upgrades are fitted and the car will look subtly different again.


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