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You hear everyone speak about someone’s car being perfect, someone owns an immaculate vehicle. Words carry different meanings and pending the context and tone it is said in, can convey a different message, however when I am searching for a word to describe the Nissan I have to feature only one word comes to mind…Immaculate. I don’t mean that in the general “Oh his car is immaculate because he just washed and polished it”, I mean immaculate in the context of the whole car being perfect.


Nissan made the Sunny as an under appreciated car, it does not feature a monstrous RB26, does not come with gravity defying four wheel drive, rather the Sunny features some modest driving designs such as live axle with coil and spring set up, the front having a strut and coil as well along with a very highly equipped (for the time) interior featuring some exceptional build quality. All of this however is in the past as the car I am featuring today has maintained or dare I say it, exceeded the original build quality by turning something great at the time to something magnificent in the modern age.


Suhail has owned the B310 Datsun for over a year now and in that time he has transformed the car inside out and all the while maintained it’s excellent OEM appearance. Starting with the interior, the attention to detail is mind blowing, anyone with an appreciation for meticulous care and standard equipment being maintained will immediately fall in love with this car. Smallest details like the carpet are maintained intact and in brilliant condition, moving on from the carpet which in itself should show you how well cared for this car is, we have the general cabin which include panels such as the door cards and roof lining all being factory and from a quick glance, in pristine condition. Moving on to the factory dash and cluster, we have not a single cracked vent/ dashboard panel along with the factory cluster all in working condition which maintains the flowing feature of immaculate care. We have an aftermarket radio to provide some modern music and a Grip Royal steering wheel that adds that touch of class to the beautiful Datsun. These two items are simply creature comforts and do not detract from the exceptional interior at all.


Exterior wise, the car is just perfect. Most people would love to say their car’s are immaculate due to the paint being polished, or the wheels really finish off the look. Suhail’s Datsun however has everything on point, moving from the immaculate paint we have the exterior window and body trims being brought back to new condition including the front and rear bumpers being re chromed. Small items like the louver panel between the bonnet and front window had been rebuilt and painted with the finished product being perfect adding another piece to the puzzle that is, achieving perfection. LED lights compliment the lovely glass headlights and a JDM styled bozo oil cooler placement accompanies the stock exterior and adds some flare to show off Suhail’s personality. A lower front lip spoiler, rear boot lid lip and a rear window spoiler complete the exterior aftermarket styling with each piece complimenting or subtly adding to the pristine original styling that made the Datsun.


Wheel wise, Suhail’s B310 features some bronze Rota Grid Vs which looked fantastic on the car, contrasting the bronze wheels with the painted grey mica exterior. However like everything else on the car, Suhail has gone and raised the bar once again with keeping the car looking amazing. New wheels have been fitted and the new look is nothing short of perfection.


Stay tuned for the next feature of Suhail’s car with the new wheels. Overall it was amazing to finally see this car in person as the photos I had seen made the car look perfect but we all know photos can lie. Upon seeing this car in person I have a greater appreciation for the sheer amount of work he has put into this car to achieve something so close to perfect I am surprised to know he even drives it.


A massive thank you to Suhail for allowing me to photograph his car and a huge thank you to his father for all the hard work he has put into this piece of automotive art. Finished show cars are unheard of but this is one car that seriously cannot get any better.


Suhail’s car represents NZ Fijian Cars club, and from this fine example I can say that their caliber of cars owned are nothing short of brilliant. Big shout out to the club for featuring such high quality car’s.


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