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WTAC Thursday 2018

Why do I attend the same event every year? A simple question that has an incredibly simple answer, because each year it gets even better!


I bet you wonder how an astonishing event can get better? Last year saw the Mazda 767B show off alongside a JGTC FD3S and a restored JGTC S15 all of which added to the immense spectacle that is World Time Attack. Keiichi Tsuchiya was there with his infamous AE86 putting on a show for the crowds while the main event saw lap times crumble as we searched for the 2017 Time Attack champion. I know I have gone on about last year being so incredible, so how was this year better? I will start this three-part coverage with my initial recollection…


WTAC 2018 began earlier this year with teams posting builds and progress as they tracked toward the year-end battle that will see who is crowned champion. Everyone was excited to see the teams back to full strength after some had some disastrous luck at last years event. Ian Baker (The brains behind this event) always strives to promote his events to the fullest, and this year saw the Sydney Opera House becoming a very large billboard! Boarding my flight and arriving at the event on Thursday I could already feel the excitement and anticipation around the paddock, not only were some amazing groups setting up their cars in preparation, but I also had the pleasure of finally seeing Keiichi in competition mode with Beau Yates AE86 that was converted from a drift machine into a grip machine.


Show and shine was not set up on Thursday unfortunately which meant I had to rush on Friday or Saturday to capture some of Australia’s most amazing vehicles which was not too much of an issue since I had heard that this year would be slightly smaller in layout, providing the perfect size to be able to capture quickly and move straight back into the track activities. While the rain did affect the set up of some stalls and displays, most were putting the final touches on their stands and wrapping it all up ahead of the main event over the next two days.

Practice makes perfect, and with the main slogan being “One perfect lap” many teams were out already on a wet track setting up and fine-tuning their machines in a hope of setting that one crucial linked run.

Along with the wet track testing, the garages were a hive of activity due to most teams utilizing the Thursday session to adjust and change any required parts to optimize their attack on Friday and Saturday. Paddock views are always a welcome change since you get to see the people and teams behind these incredible cars.

With Thursday providing some crucial insight into the coming days, I packed up and headed back to the house to go over a plan of attack! Stay tuned for Friday’s action coming soon…



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Chasing Widebody Dreams

While widebody cars are popping out left right and center these days, with amazingly tasteful ones showcasing superb talent and brilliant ideas, the scene is becoming slowly saturated with them all over the world and even though I have no distaste for widebody cars, I feel it takes a whole lot (or little) to stand out now days…which brings me to write this beautiful piece.


I would have to admit I do not believe in love at first sight, however upon seeing Zen’s Chaser parked up in all its gleaming glory down in Christchurch I would be hard pressed to say it was not almost love at first sight for sure!


Zen has put his Chaser through a fattening diet consisting of Origin Labo front and rear guards that have been cut up to within an inch of their lives and re-shaped to his liking to help fit his massive Work wheels that really set this car apart. Origin Labo guards found, Zen had a Traum bodykit to help meld the fenders to the rest of the body lines and while he was at it, further customized the overall look with additional aero accents around the car to set the car apart as his own creation. Talent streams out from Jono Smith who was tasked with building and fitting this massive kit onto the Chaser and I firmly believe he knocked this car out of the park. Flowing around the outside of the car it is blatantly clear how clean of a widebody Zen envisioned when he first picked up the stock Chaser, and while he had the widebody built around those massive wheels, I still feel that the whole look came out impressive and as if the wheels and overall look were just one well thought out package.


Picking into the finer points of this immaculate beauty, Ganador mirrors really do provide a huge amount of sleekness compared to the stock items and Origin Labo provided more than just the base guards to make the custom fenders from,  front canards are Origin Labo items and continue through to the carbonfiber Origin Labo roof spoiler and D-Max rear spoiler which create some aesthetically pleasing flow on to the rear and trails into the custom cut out to fit a GT86 center light into the lower part of the Traum bodykit. Hidden gems allure to the fact that the rear is indeed tubbed as well.

Width is something to consider when photographing a wide car, and while my photos do not do the car justice at all, the width of the guards are 50mm front and rear to put things into a measurement perspective.

Stunning silver with rainbow flakes and bronze really does lend itself to be a beautiful set of complimentary colors and could not be more fitting for the color scheme of this impeccable Chaser, color combinations aside the one part of the exterior that really threw me into the deep end of adoration was the simple sticker scheme placed on the car, these simple yet cleanly done bronze stickers throw a massive nod to the JDM tuning scene with the manufacturers displayed on the vehicle.

Moving on from the actual girth of the car we can finally get some specs on those gorgeous wheels that adorn four corners of the car, Work Wheels creates some tasteful wheels that suit almost anything you put them on and while these Emotion CR2P’s are limited to only 100 made and feature a crazy 19X10/19X11 sizing respectively, these wheels absolutely set this car apart and to a whole new level of automotive eye candy. Zen actually bought these limited edition wheels first and when bolted to the hubs made it immediately clear that the factory guards were much too small to house anything this perfect. Amazingly though Zen is not afraid to get out and dirty with the car looking as clean as it does, and even threw down some rubber during a few burnouts while I was down there in Christchurch photographing!

Finally beating the heat and heading into the cockpit you are greeted with an interior that is as flawless as the exterior of the car. Door cards, floor mats, rear seats and even the center console cushion have been redone in Bride graduation fabric and provide brilliant flow to match the Bride Zeat III’s that replace both passenger and drivers seat. Tantalizing bits of carbonfiber litter the interior as well such as the window switch surrounds, center radio panel and door handle areas, while a Nardi deep corn wheel, Trust gearknob and Defi gauges throw even more Japanese goodness to this authentic mix of brilliance.

Exterior and interior all completed Zen did not finish things there and completed the engine upgrades as well. Toyota built a stout 1JZ-GTE first time around but with the added aggressiveness that Zen put together on the exterior he was more than eager to get the engine breathing better to suit. Sinco provided the manifold with a Garrett TA3410 force feeding precious PSI through the larger intercooler and into the worked head featuring a set of custom Kennelly cams, BC springs and Tomei adjustable cam gears. Fueling is handled by a set of six 1000cc Bosch injectors and controlled by a Tomei FPR and supplied by a intank Walbro pump. GReddy to the rescue to keep the car cool when Zen is pushing it to the limits with a GReddy radiator and GReddy oil cooler keeping temps in check and then when on song a Turbosmart 50mm Progate regulates boost and it all flows to exit out of a beautifully crafted lobster tailed exhaust! All the wizardry is managed by the trusted Link G4+ Fury and sees Zen’s Chaser putting down 460HP at the wheels. Drivetrain wise, the R154 is a more than capable box and all Zen added was the OS Giken twin plate clutch with lightweight flywheel and then followed that up with a Tomei T-Trax 2 way differential. Added bonuses such as the Weld coil cover and painted gold/glitter cam covers add that finishing touches to a spectacular engine bay.

Overall I can only hope you have enjoyed the tour through Zen’s well thought out Chaser and I know he is not the only one in his team (Chachacha) with a fantastic build. Stay tuned for more from this incredible and talented bunch of guys.


Gallery below:

Tsukuba Slayer – HKS TRB-03

Tsukuba circuit has been hallow ground for HKS, with their CT230R Mistubishi Evo setting the blistering pace of 53.58 seconds back in 2007 and holding that title for years up until Under Suzuki came along and broke that record and has continued to do so up until now.


With this being said and Under Suzuki continually pushing the limits of aero development along with driver skill, the question could be asked… Has HKS forgotten about their Tsukuba record altogether? Their answer has been officially revealed at the latest Tokyo Auto Salon, and dare I say it, it looks as if it will decimate all that stand in it’s way to go deep into the 40 second barrier.


Viewing this car in its glorious livery is very much a nostalgic nod to the car that held the record for so long (CT230R) and it is refreshing to see a large tuning house like HKS stepping back into the time attack scene after a long hiatus. Based on the Toyota/Subaru GT86 platform, HKS have taken the stream lined approach to sculpting this beast before you into a tarmac warrior with all areas of the aero work carried out with specific purpose and design, Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero was placed in charge of the aero design seeing as he has had his hand in many famous World Time Attack cars such as Under Suzuki and the infamous Hammer Head MCA S13 as well. While Andrew has created masterpieces in terms of maximizing downforce and reducing drag on the S13 and S15, this new design takes his keen eye and knowledge to a whole new level, with the whole aero package looking sleek and almost conforming to the stock lines. ‘Infiniti Wings’ as they were labelled from the SpeedHunters article which reviewed the car upon initial debut have not been seen before and as such, it will be an amazing detail to pay attention to in regards to it’s usefulness.


Moving along the car you can notice the sleek side profile to keep any unwanted drag away from the car with larger front carbonfiber fenders flowing along the channeled sides to the rear haunches. Rear facing you notice the large tunnels that fill the back of the car and help extract all the air from under the car cleanly which being lower pressure ensure a sucking effect to stick the car to the ground. Side skirts may be all but absent but that large flat floor side step ensures any flow across that surface will only help to add downforce and maintain a smooth laminar boundary layer.

While all of these subtle cues are amazing you immediately notice the largest part of the car, the wing. While this takes huge wings to a whole new level, word is that the aero package helps the flow of air onto the three layered wing to allow it to generate up to 3 ton’s worth of downforce! With Under Suzuki struggling to keep the tyres from exploding on his S15 due to the sheer amount of downforce generated from the car, I can only wonder at how well HKS have looked and researched into this area of error and coupled with Yokohama there should be some interesting compounds coming out of the manufacturer soon to help high downforce cars cope.

Sitting under the lightweight carbon clad arches are 18×11 Advan GT wheels and suspension is rumored to be custom HKS suspension with high spring rates to help cope with the large amounts of downforce produced. Mentioning carbon, the entire car is clad in in-house made HKS dry carbonfiber which shows the level of commitment and dedication the team have put into creating something so special.

Engine wise HKS have pushed a FA25 to new limits with stroking the 2.0L displacement and pushing it to 2.5L and then attaching a HKS supercharger to force feed air into the monster below. All the information I have gathered so far point to the engine producing up to 800hp which is a fair chunk of power for such a light car and coupled with the aero we see, should make for one extremely well planted yet nimble racer. Keeping things streamlined seems to be the main theme and we can notice one detachment from the initial design which was the passenger side exit exhaust, this may be due to routing changes or weight targets but a bonnet vented exhaust always looks impressive.


While I was not able to attend Tokyo Auto Salon this year, I am very grateful and thankful to Charles Chen who supplied these images to me and photographed on my behalf.

With HKS finally tipping their hat back into the record breaking ring, I am sure we will see big changes in the rest of the field as they all take notes of how the original record breakers do it. Excitement will be building all around as we wait to see what this beautifully sculpted yet deadly machine can do at the hallow Tsukuba Circuit.





I have been away for some time from posting my car features! For that I am sorry 😦 Thankfully though, I have for you, a treat that I hope you will love as much as I did while photographing it.


I have spoken about the remarkable Nissan Skyline GTR in great lengths, having two stand alone page features about both the group of Skyline GTR owners in New Zealand and the immaculate black GTR owned by Nausheed. Finally I bring to you the cleanest GTR of the group that I hung out with owned by Shaggy Deo.


I bring to you as a reader, with much pride, Shaggy Deo’s impeccable Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V Spec! I have used the word immaculate in a few articles now to describe different cars, and while that word may be over used with me, I simply cannot deny using the word again to link it with this example of automotive greatness. If you have read my previous work on the GTR group then you will understand why I tag a GTR with greatness, and likewise looking through the gallery below I can only hope you see the pristine condition that this car is in. Shaggy is no stranger to the GTR, having owned a lovely black R32 prior to owning the white one I have here.



Having bought the car from Japan with some beautiful JDM goodies attached to it like a HKS F-Con V Pro ECU which makes sure everything inside the renown RB26 power plant stays on song through the rev range add that touch of professionalism to a quality car. Tuning the F-Con V required a brilliant tuner that knows Nissan’s inside out, so who else better to use that the famous Soichi Tate of ST Hi-Tec. Variety is the spice of life, and the go fast bits bolted to the RB26 include a pair of lovely Tomei cam gears which help with accurately setting the timing of the valve sequence to allow the correct amount of air into the cylinder, which is then matched with the correct amount of fuel courtesy of some 720cc injectors. Exhaust gas is funneled to spool the beautiful and very sought after HKS T04R turbo, which in turn sucks up copious amounts of fresh air and sends it flowing on through a all HKS intercooler before entering the heart of the beast with a steel head gasket being used to ensure no premature failure due to excessive expansion during combustion. Once all the exhaust gas is ready to be expelled out of the turbine section of the T04R, a then Kakimoto exhaust allowed a deep rumble to accompany the final stage of combustion which sees the GTR make 350KW at 1.5 bar. I say “then” for the Kakimoto due to that unit being replaced with a genuine Mines unit now providing the symphony.

Exterior wise, a set of BC Gold adjustable suspension help keep the car riding firmly on all fours along with maintaining a staunch stance. A carbon intercooler duct is afixed to the front bumper, guiding air into the HKS unit, while a splitter (albeit just for shows) adds some down force and a ton of aggressiveness. Wheels can either make or break a car, and while Shaggy has changed wheels once already, I can say that the current set of American Niche 20×10 inch wheels are working perfectly with both the color combination and staunch ride height.  Aside from the few exterior add on’s, the GTR remains as the designers intended, stock and subtly aggressive.

Interior decorations are sparse but with good reason. Factory styling in this cockpit is a thing of beauty, but with some trusty additions it has been transformed into the perfect cockpit. GReddy gauges provide all the necessary information needed while on the fly and a genuine Top Secret steering wheel allows Shaggy to keep the car pointed in the right direction.


Shaggy has big plans for the car with 400kw at all four paws on the cards which should let him achieve his aim of a 10 second quarter mile! Stay tuned as I am sure we have not seen the last of this beauty, and with the goals set, it is only a matter of time before I bring you a power buster update!


Feel free to comment and share guys😀

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Widebody VeilSide

A title with two words….and yet those two words encompass literally everything about the car I am about to show you.


While the 90’s gave us the hero cars we lust over today, they also brought out the heavy hitters in the tuning scene to go along with these hero cars. Yokomaku-San and his company VeilSide needs no introduction and be it a fan or not you cannot deny their influence early on where everyone wanted their bodykit or steering wheel, shift knobs were rare as hens teeth and like wise with their engine parts and interior cluster add-on’s. Fast forward to the years of wide fender and riveted on kits, VeilSide’s Evolution R II kit looks slightly out of place and dare I say it…out dated.


However this all changes when you look at the elegant lines that form this beauty of a Skyline. If Godzilla were a lady she would be wearing this kit as the modern age Gemma Atkinson (as gorgeous as she is) with the desired hour glass figure. Luckily for us this Godzilla is not a hour glass figure unreachable to us mere mortals but rather a fire breathing, eye watering and brain etching car that garners looks being parked as much as being driven.

Shaggy needs no introduction either, as I have featured another one of his cars which can be found here and skipped the many that he bought and sold between the white GT-R and this current curvaceous beast. I could say he has a fiend for Skylines, but then that makes him sound like a drug addict…not too far from the truth with those skinny jeans but he is a brilliant guy who truly loves his monsters. This particular Skyline was sourced from down south and while it has made a few guest appearances up here, it is known well for being one very staunch car.


Ok so we have gotten past the niceties and can finally move on to the beautiful black Skyline that wears a stunning VeilSide kit almost as well as those Korean K-Pop groups wear those short skirts….Moving along, Shaggy’s beast features a full VeilSide Evolution R II kit that bolster the arches more than enough to swallow those Pansport G7 18×11.5 front and 18×13.5 rear wheels whole and then some, leaving much more room to go with an even more aggressive offset. Little neat features like a push to open fuel lid sound simple but the amount of kits that I have seen that retain the factory opening mechanism are a plenty and that is why it was refreshing to see the attention to detail like something as simple as this. A slight subtle but once noticed major addition to the rear wing is the Rocket Dancer carbon add on. I really do love this little piece that I first saw on another GT-R I shot which can be found here. Following scouring the exterior for detail cues I moved on to the heart of this beaut.

Engine wise the black brilliance that is this VeilSide R32 featured a stock RB26 power unit…

however upon shooting this car the engine has changed to a built Tomei RB28 featuring the legendary but oh so lovely T04Z turbo from none other than HKS. Fueling and all the necessities are upgraded as well with the likes of a Tomei fuel regulator and fuel rail, GReddy intercooler and piping, HKS manifold with Tomei 270 degree cams. All this power is sent to the driveline via a OS Giken twin plate clutch and produces a beautiful sound with the help of the Kakimoto exhaust. Sadly while I type this the car is currently being sold, so while the specs are impressive hopefully the new owner will enjoy it.


While the cure for cancer wont be found hiding under these wide arches…VeilSide have created a kit that I think stood the test of time and while the new trend for enthusiasts are wide body flares and huge GT wings, I feel Yokomaku-San foresaw the collectibility these cars would obtain and created something befitting of the Godzilla’s already tough appearance.


Onward and upward Mr Shaggy…till the next time we meet with your new GT-R!


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McLaren 720s Unveiling

I had thought about a creative title to cultivate intrigue as you lot scroll through my immense amount of dribble…however I thought I would forego the witty wording and stick to the point!


Why we are all here? I think most importantly, to view the unveiling of the brand new McLaren 720s followed by some light reading of the night and my impressions of the car first hand.


Starting the night off with two of my closest friends we set out for Auckland city early to avoid the notorious city traffic, which to our surprise, proved to be almost none existent and whisked us into the city earlier than we had planned. As we scratched our minds as to what to have for dinner, we discussed what we thought the car would be like following the development of the other models such as the 650s, 650s spider and the mesmerizing yet potent 675LT! General consensus was that the 720s was going to have to punch above its weight here and McLaren would have had to produce something more refined like the MP4C with a sharpness of the 675LT.


Burgers were decided for dinner and as we hurriedly ate our food the anticipation had set in and moods soared because in less than an hour our senses would be overwhelmed by mechanical mastery…or so we hoped! Fast forward the mundane bits and we found ourselves like 3 kids on Christmas morning standing in front of the Christmas tree that would be Auckland McLaren’s showroom entrance. A burly bouncer with a misleading demeanor and a inviting smile asked us why we were there and thankfully our “We were invited” reply stirred the positive reaction of him opening the door rather than a negative one which we did not care to find out about.


Entering Auckland McLaren’s show room the vastness of this private event struck us a fair bit as everyone was in suite and tie with the women generally presented in gorgeous dresses that I cared none for but looked great none the less. Champagne, beer, juice and amazing finger food (oysters, steak cuts, chicken nibbles to name a few) were a plenty and served by lovely people who floated around the whole showroom effortlessly all night along with their brilliant bar staff made for the topping on the already immense experience. Greeting us as we waded through suites and gowns was the pièce de résistance draped in flattering black fabric to extenuate its sensual curves…not a woman sorry but more so I am talking about the car! Two more were presented to the crowd, one closer to the street and one tucked away in the workshop section to ensure everyone was allowed ample time to sample and soak in the greatness that would be waiting for them.


As the 3 of us waited in anticipation the minutes flew by and finally the guest speakers took to their podiums to present to us the reason and envision for designing the new car to McLaren’s stables. Emotive words were said and I think the main aim was to drive home the passion behind this car, yet to also make potential buyers fall in love with the car even more so than they already would be. Finally it was upon us, the moment everyone had been waiting for…

001a (80)

With the covers off we got a first hand look, feel and experience of the car and what can I say…McLaren you have done an incredible job in evoking the heart with this design. From the carbon eye pods with built in ducts to the double skinned silhouette that encompassed the sides through to the defined and aggressive rear, this car is everything we hoped it would be and more. Headlights that draw you in due to the recess design and makes you appreciate the carbon weave details, the channeled air guide through the door section and double skinned design that sees you slide your hand over a sensor on the air guide to unlock the door all the way to the beautifully sculpted wing and P1 -esque tail lights, this car screams soul.



the aggressive yet some how elegant curves of the car follow through to a flowing and functional cabin with more than ample room for taller people and beautiful carbon showing on the pillars to remind you of the carbon tub that you are sitting in. Rich leather that feels supple and perfectly designed button layouts remind you of the finesse you are paying for and the carbon clad steering wheel…well you know it was laid to perfection when you see the weave flowing effortlessly to a tight couture.



Surprisingly though, closing the doors on the 720s you feel secure and well enclosed however not cramped or pushed for space which sticks with the statement of this car being able to be driven every day if chosen so, and with the seamless body design, all round vision is nearly perfect with a huge reduction in blind spots even with a large wing and engine in the back. Literally the whole design philosophy of this car being able to be driven every day was right on the money with all the creature comforts and safety features you would expect from a lesser car, yet with the brute power when needed that only McLaren could deliver.


I think to me, the one interior party trick that really knocked me for six was the folding dash display. Selecting a normal driving mode gives you a digital display of the usual required information like speed, RPM, oil and water temps odometer and gear position, however throw that ‘Track’ mode switch and the display folds down into a recess and displays only the essentials: Speed, gear position and RPM. As possibly gimmicky sounding, I absolutely loved it as did the rest of the group.



Thankfully a sound test was carried out by the ever so kind Luke who is the sales manager at Auckland McLaren, and it did not let down one bit. Hearing it pop and burble followed by that high resonance wail as Luke poked the happy pedal to 4000 RPM made for the icing on a might fine cake. A sound clip can be found by clicking HERE

001a (86)

With the unveiling done and the experience etched into my mind, I wondered around and pondered over the black McLaren 720s and loved every detail just because I am a fan of black cars. The carbon rear diffuser looks elegant and then starkly matched by the flowing yet bold wing, carbon adorns the front lower air guides on the front bumper and that transgresses into the carbon mirrors, carbon side air guides into the engine and the carbon clad roof/door  panels which all in all just highlights the beauty in simplicity, yet drives home this car is nothing short of a technological powerhouse.



Time got the better of the 3 of us and soon we were finding our way out of the showroom we would have loved to stay the night in and on the way home. With jovial discussions on first impressions the general consensus was the cabin was rich in comfort and feel with amazing care taken right down to the stitching and button layout and with the central touch display freeing up enough cabin space to ensure no jostling for arm position on those morning coffee runs. Falling in love with the exterior was a given since we all gushed over the 675LT exhaust placement on the 720s with the expansive wing and P1 design tail lights bringing the whole rear end together in aggressive glory, the front profile looks better in person with appreciation to the carbon headlight pods being first and center in focus.


Overall I think we can all agree that the McLaren 720s is another leap for the car manufacturer and on behalf of 3 awe struck individuals a massive thank you to Auckland McLaren for the exceptional night, one that will remain a highlight of my year personally.



Full gallery can be found here


Quick Specs:


0-100KPH (62MPH) 2.9s
0-200KPH (124MPH) 7.8s



Taking Original to a New Level

Taking Original to a New Level


While I have just written about this very car in ‘From Instagram to Reality’ the owner promptly changed the overall color of the car along with the looks as soon as we had wrapped up the initial shoot.


With New Zealand’s weather being favourable to those that like rain, planning a new photoshoot proved slightly difficult and couple that in with working full time…things were never going to be easy. CRC Speedshow comes around once a year and this year will be featuring this immaculate machine at the entrance to the show, so pretty much smack dab in the forefront of what’s expected to be a fun filled weekend.



Running very quickly out of time and patience I made the decision to do a very quick and impromptu photoshoot with the owner and my incredible new shooter Ken, and while the location was slightly off putting to say the least, I think we both did our best to make it work.


Color wise the car now sports a dolphin grey wrap and adoring the rear to supplement its girth is a carbon clad APR wing. While these two additions are not ground breaking they certainly change the overall finish of the original car to something a little more menacing. Rainbow tint wrap was added to the headlights as homage to the WTAC HKS GT1000 R35 GT-R and certainly looks the part to compliment the neutral grey finish.


Overall this was not considered a full shoot due to the location and time so while these pictures are published for now, a full and proper photoshoot will be coming up very soon.


Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

Gallery below:


From Instagram to Reality

From Instagram to Reality


The internet….a technology that has influenced and shaped the way people find and view information around the world, images are uploaded through various channels such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook every second with thousands of views through different devices.


Touching on one such platform, Instagram has become a world wide media sharing platform where users can upload their own content of share that of what they see as worth sharing to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people depending on their followers and audience. While Instagram has created yet another place to view content, it has also helped shape car enthusiasts around the world in gaining ideas from others and shaping it to their own ideal. I am fortunate enough to know an owner who has done just that, and in doing so created a very unique (in New Zealand) Godzilla that stands out from the rest for being both subtle yet effective.


Godzilla is a name well known by now and has been given many guises but it was not until recently that I was given the opportunity to feature such an amazing R35 GT-R owned by a close friend and part of my small car team, Team TSB. Forming his ideal image from the pictures of the R35’s he has seen around the world, this owner set about to create something refreshing with quality being top priority.


The R35 GT-R needs no introduction however this car is certainly different. At first glance this car may not jump out at you and draw your attention but taking a few seconds to stop and look closer will alert you to the wider fenders adorning the front and rear guards, these were not overnight parts from Japan but as close to it as you can get with the order being placed through Varis for a full set of front/rear over fenders, front lip and rear lower skirt. Varis may not sound familiar with some so a quick rundown will inform you that Varis is a Japanese body kit manufacturer that produces top quality kits for both street and race cars, with some noticeable contributions to a large number of time attack cars competing around the world. Dry carbon right through to the show car end gloss twill weave carbon, Varis produce it all with fiberglass kits included in the mix. With this owner choosing to have quality over cheaper replicas the build time for this kit was a little arduous but I can say from the final finish the wait was well worth it.


While the Varis kit widened the car the black accents on the side skirts needed some matching and so a Varis carbon bonnet was added to break up the sea of silver. Standard equipment was dropped in favor of the aesthetic flow of the car, and so a carbon Seibon boot lid with built in duck tail was purchased and as such completed the flow of black to add contrast to the majority of the body color.


Wider guards meant wider wheels were needed as well, so back to Japan to source more parts was in order and as luck would have it, the owner stumbled upon some new satin black Advan GT wheels measuring a staggering 20×11 all round with the GT-R wide enough to swallow them up without breaking a sweat. Tyres were ordered for these mammoth wheels and the only ones up to the task of keeping this beast in check was a set of Toyo R888 315/35/20. Blitz ZZR coilovers keep the car’s stance on point with the ride being slightly bumpy but not unbearable and planted when pushing the car around with the Whiteline sway bars proving their worth.


Engine power is all the talk when it comes to talking about the Japanese super car killer, and this car certainly lives up to the hype. Engine work has been carried out by none other than New Zealand’s home of Godzilla ST Hitec and features a whole list of modifications to take this supercar killer beyond its already formidable reputation. Work carried out includes a ST Hitec intake kit, ST Hitec intercooler kit, ST Hitec transmission cooling pan and ST Hitec titanium exhaust, 1000cc injectors fuel the beast with a Dodson transmission cooler and Dodson downpipe and Y pipe rounding off the base performance list. All of these modifications barely scratch the surface of what the owner has planned for this car, but I can say from first hand driving experience, pushing this car will have you stuck to the back of your seat as you grapple to hold on to the steering wheel long enough to shift to the next gear and repeat till you run out of road…which comes short very fast.


Moving from the gorgeous exterior, the interior has been kept very tidy and stock with some tasteful modifications being key in keeping things personalized but subtle. A Recaro fixed back bucket seat is swapped out when the owner pushes this car on track but other than that, a simple carbon steering wheel is all that is needed to refresh the already brilliant interior and add a slight touch of flow from the carbon clad exterior to now the interior.


While I may have a personal investment in drooling over this car, I think the owner has done an amazing job in transforming a staunch and touch Godzilla into something more formidable with a heart to go with the looks and as such, has taken a Instagram dream and turned it into a beautiful reality.


Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

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