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Autech is not a house hold name…yet, and I certainly do not expect this little extract to change anything in a monumental way. However after my first encounter with the staff and the actually products they produce, I can honestly say, if people do not know about  Autech yet, they do need to come out from under that rock and take a closer look.


I start this little tale from the beginning as most good stories start from, I photographed the infamous and hugely popular ‘Mnion’. Mnion is Rizwan’s Evolution 8 making some big numbers on a corn diet and built by Autech. I touched on the shop briefly but having not seen their shop in person or spoken to any of the members there I could not elaborate until now.


Walking into the shop you are greeted by some impressive European machinery which is some indication as to what they are doing but not entirely. First impressions are important and while I did know Rizwan, it was the rest of the guys that made the whole trip worth while, with everyone else smiling and asking what I needed or preparing the BBQ that they had set up knowing I was coming through. To say the least, the fact that they would even consider me coming through anything of a special deal shows you their character and while most bigger shops will treat your car like a job, these members will treat any car that comes in like their own.


Walking past their European big displacement machines, I was happily surrounded by cars I know best, Japanese imports. If you are not a Evolution fan maybe turn away now and wait till I touch on their low key huge power Skylines, but for now I will continue on my story. Autech is (to me anyway) the go to people for the Evolution, no doubt with that. Judging from Riz’s car that I wrote about and people seemed to love, the quality and reliability of that car is multiplied by every car that was parked in the workshop with different power levels to boot.


Starting with the innocent looking silver Evo 4, the lads at Autech have created a car that is packing a 2.3L stroked motor and driving a lovely Garrett 3540 to send it down the quarter mile in a blistering 10.8 seconds with a healthy 400+ kilowatts at the wheels. If there was one theme flowing in this power house of a shop it is, keep everything simple and clean which is why this beautiful Evo along with the rest are almost all stock looking and have only the essentials.


After hearing these figures I was thinking to myself that surely this would have to be their best car in the shop, however I turned to the stand out green looking Evo 4 and heard a familiar recipe. Starting again with a stroked 2.3L motor and running the reliable yet flowing Garrett 3540, this car is said to be making 350 kilowatts plus at the wheels and from the looks of things, has been kept as stock looking as possible all the while wearing that eye catching green.


Having been blown away with the two Evo 4’s, I was very much expecting to hear that the next car I walked to, which happened to be a Evo 9, was featuring the same 2.3L stroked motor and big turbo however I was happily wrong. Autech have this car as a work in progress and for now I can say that this was the only ‘stock’ car in the workshop. Stock might be a loosely thrown around word thought because when the car was started up, it definitely sounded very angry thanks to the Kelford 288 duration cams and upgraded fuel pump/injectors. With a target of 300 kilowatts on the stock turbo as the goal, I can see Autech reaching it and then surpassing that power level once they get to working on it as much as they have with their other completed machines.


I have touched on Mnion is a previous article that you can find HERE, so while I will skip past this beautiful yellow ray of sunshine, I will leave some facts to tempt you into reading the proper article. Strict recipe for success was used, 2.3L stroked motor, cams and E85 give this car a easy 400 plus kilowatts at the wheels all the while seeing the drag strip, daily use and hard parks. Perfect all rounder if there ever was one.


Tucked away in a corner is the unassuming white Evo 4 that is featuring a full cage and thats about all that gives anything away. However for those in the know, this particular car has a history of pushing 10 second quarter mile times on a lower power setting of roughly 680 horsepower and after being banned from the local drag strip for running consistent 10 second passes, the car has returned to Autech to receive more upgrade and finally do another 10 second pass legally. While 800 plus horsepower is cranked out of the 2.2L Nitto motor, the car is street legal which is mind boggling since it would be terrible to keep your foot from destroying everything that is on the road in front of you. While I wait to see it finished and back on the strip, for now it sits patiently to become a terror once again.

023 164

Moving past the Evo’s I finally found a chance to view some immaculate Skyline GT-R’s. The R34 GT-R is known around New Zealand as being one hell of a clean bay side blue R34, and while this car had eluded me for some time I finally got a chance to see it in person and to photograph it. Autech took care of the engine once again building a high flowing head to cope with feeding a large frame GT42 turbo from Garrett once again. Engine displacement was kept at 2.6L and coupled with the mentioned turbo above, has seen the power rocket from stock to a staggering 800 plus horsepower at the wheels with a lot more left in it. Wheels are a deciding factor that can make or break a car’s exterior, and I have to admit, Work Meisters are never a bad choice. Aside from some wheels the car looks staunch and with quality parts like the HKS Kansai brace, GReddy large plenum and Tomei fuel rail along with other goodies, this car is one to watch out for.


After drooling over the R34 GT-R for perhaps too long, I found myself gazing over another beauty from Nissan/Autech, the legendary R32 GT-R. This car is a little milder than its younger brother however it is still packing a punch with the car pulling out 520 kilowatts on a 2.6L engine with some Autech magic.


Finally I came to the car I had wanted to see first, the cleanest looking Pulsar I have ever seen. A GTiR is exciting, a normal Pulsar is not, so when I found myself looking at the Pulsar without the SR20DET, I was wondering why would someone decide to go down this path. Upon being schooled as to what this car actually is and can do, I was sold on wanting to take it away with me. This particular car is pushing a SR20ve found in the later P12 Primera’s and while it surely looks like it belongs in the Pulsar, the deloomed engine bay just adds that finishing touch to a perfect car. While the deloomed engine bay is immaculate, that theme was taken through the whole car, with the paint being flawless and the amazing two piece front fenders blending right in to the stock lines yet once you notice them, stand out as beautifully crafted pieces that allow wider front wheels. a full stripped out rear interior is featured with a cage and some Bride bucket seats to complete the look. Power output is set at 180 kilowatts thanks to it’s high compression engine and Link G4 ECU, and with something this light, it must be a weapon.

102 106

Lastly I noted the new comer that arrived to the workshop, a Celica making a very strange noise. Upon the owner parking up I finally took a look inside and found a engine I have a very strong love for. This 1979 Toyota Celica is featuring a bridgeported 13B RX 7 engine and large turbo with power being sent through to a RX7 gearbox which was used due to it being up to the task versus the stock Celica one.  Aside from the beautiful engine the car is kept very tidy, with the interior two tone seats matching the lovely exterior blue.


Hopefully from my rambling I have been able to shed some light on a quiet workshop pushing out some amazing cars, and while they are for now just building and racing their Evo’s, Skyline’s and Pulsar’s they are expanding into getting a dyno set up and then will start tuning the cars they build in house. While for some time now Autech has been hiring a dyno to tune their cars along with road tunes, this in house dyno will keep everything in one place and make it both easier for the owner who wants their car completed safely, and for Autech since they can carry out all their work reliably and maintain the top quality workmanship.  I thoroughly enjoyed both the food prepared and the cars presented and while I was there for a short time, I will be going back in to see their latest projects so stick around to see more from these talented individuals that are together Autech.


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