I have been away for some time from posting my car features! For that I am sorry 😦 Thankfully though, I have for you, a treat that I hope you will love as much as I did while photographing it.


I have spoken about the remarkable Nissan Skyline GTR in great lengths, having two stand alone page features about both the group of Skyline GTR owners in New Zealand and the immaculate black GTR owned by Nausheed. Finally I bring to you the cleanest GTR of the group that I hung out with owned by Shaggy Deo.


I bring to you as a reader, with much pride, Shaggy Deo’s impeccable Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V Spec! I have used the word immaculate in a few articles now to describe different cars, and while that word may be over used with me, I simply cannot deny using the word again to link it with this example of automotive greatness. If you have read my previous work on the GTR group then you will understand why I tag a GTR with greatness, and likewise looking through the gallery below I can only hope you see the pristine condition that this car is in. Shaggy is no stranger to the GTR, having owned a lovely black R32 prior to owning the white one I have here.



Having bought the car from Japan with some beautiful JDM goodies attached to it like a HKS F-Con V Pro ECU which makes sure everything inside the renown RB26 power plant stays on song through the rev range add that touch of professionalism to a quality car. Tuning the F-Con V required a brilliant tuner that knows Nissan’s inside out, so who else better to use that the famous Soichi Tate of ST Hi-Tec. Variety is the spice of life, and the go fast bits bolted to the RB26 include a pair of lovely Tomei cam gears which help with accurately setting the timing of the valve sequence to allow the correct amount of air into the cylinder, which is then matched with the correct amount of fuel courtesy of some 720cc injectors. Exhaust gas is funneled to spool the beautiful and very sought after HKS T04R turbo, which in turn sucks up copious amounts of fresh air and sends it flowing on through a all HKS intercooler before entering the heart of the beast with a steel head gasket being used to ensure no premature failure due to excessive expansion during combustion. Once all the exhaust gas is ready to be expelled out of the turbine section of the T04R, a then Kakimoto exhaust allowed a deep rumble to accompany the final stage of combustion which sees the GTR make 350KW at 1.5 bar. I say “then” for the Kakimoto due to that unit being replaced with a genuine Mines unit now providing the symphony.

Exterior wise, a set of BC Gold adjustable suspension help keep the car riding firmly on all fours along with maintaining a staunch stance. A carbon intercooler duct is afixed to the front bumper, guiding air into the HKS unit, while a splitter (albeit just for shows) adds some down force and a ton of aggressiveness. Wheels can either make or break a car, and while Shaggy has changed wheels once already, I can say that the current set of American Niche 20×10 inch wheels are working perfectly with both the color combination and staunch ride height.  Aside from the few exterior add on’s, the GTR remains as the designers intended, stock and subtly aggressive.

Interior decorations are sparse but with good reason. Factory styling in this cockpit is a thing of beauty, but with some trusty additions it has been transformed into the perfect cockpit. GReddy gauges provide all the necessary information needed while on the fly and a genuine Top Secret steering wheel allows Shaggy to keep the car pointed in the right direction.


Shaggy has big plans for the car with 400kw at all four paws on the cards which should let him achieve his aim of a 10 second quarter mile! Stay tuned as I am sure we have not seen the last of this beauty, and with the goals set, it is only a matter of time before I bring you a power buster update!


Feel free to comment and share guys😀

Gallery below:

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