Widebody VeilSide

A title with two words….and yet those two words encompass literally everything about the car I am about to show you.


While the 90’s gave us the hero cars we lust over today, they also brought out the heavy hitters in the tuning scene to go along with these hero cars. Yokomaku-San and his company VeilSide needs no introduction and be it a fan or not you cannot deny their influence early on where everyone wanted their bodykit or steering wheel, shift knobs were rare as hens teeth and like wise with their engine parts and interior cluster add-on’s. Fast forward to the years of wide fender and riveted on kits, VeilSide’s Evolution R II kit looks slightly out of place and dare I say it…out dated.


However this all changes when you look at the elegant lines that form this beauty of a Skyline. If Godzilla were a lady she would be wearing this kit as the modern age Gemma Atkinson (as gorgeous as she is) with the desired hour glass figure. Luckily for us this Godzilla is not a hour glass figure unreachable to us mere mortals but rather a fire breathing, eye watering and brain etching car that garners looks being parked as much as being driven.

Shaggy needs no introduction either, as I have featured another one of his cars which can be found here and skipped the many that he bought and sold between the white GT-R and this current curvaceous beast. I could say he has a fiend for Skylines, but then that makes him sound like a drug addict…not too far from the truth with those skinny jeans but he is a brilliant guy who truly loves his monsters. This particular Skyline was sourced from down south and while it has made a few guest appearances up here, it is known well for being one very staunch car.


Ok so we have gotten past the niceties and can finally move on to the beautiful black Skyline that wears a stunning VeilSide kit almost as well as those Korean K-Pop groups wear those short skirts….Moving along, Shaggy’s beast features a full VeilSide Evolution R II kit that bolster the arches more than enough to swallow those Pansport G7 18×11.5 front and 18×13.5 rear wheels whole and then some, leaving much more room to go with an even more aggressive offset. Little neat features like a push to open fuel lid sound simple but the amount of kits that I have seen that retain the factory opening mechanism are a plenty and that is why it was refreshing to see the attention to detail like something as simple as this. A slight subtle but once noticed major addition to the rear wing is the Rocket Dancer carbon add on. I really do love this little piece that I first saw on another GT-R I shot which can be found here. Following scouring the exterior for detail cues I moved on to the heart of this beaut.

Engine wise the black brilliance that is this VeilSide R32 featured a stock RB26 power unit…

however upon shooting this car the engine has changed to a built Tomei RB28 featuring the legendary but oh so lovely T04Z turbo from none other than HKS. Fueling and all the necessities are upgraded as well with the likes of a Tomei fuel regulator and fuel rail, GReddy intercooler and piping, HKS manifold with Tomei 270 degree cams. All this power is sent to the driveline via a OS Giken twin plate clutch and produces a beautiful sound with the help of the Kakimoto exhaust. Sadly while I type this the car is currently being sold, so while the specs are impressive hopefully the new owner will enjoy it.


While the cure for cancer wont be found hiding under these wide arches…VeilSide have created a kit that I think stood the test of time and while the new trend for enthusiasts are wide body flares and huge GT wings, I feel Yokomaku-San foresaw the collectibility these cars would obtain and created something befitting of the Godzilla’s already tough appearance.


Onward and upward Mr Shaggy…till the next time we meet with your new GT-R!


Full gallery below, Feel free to like and share 😀

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