Taking Original to a New Level

Taking Original to a New Level


While I have just written about this very car in ‘From Instagram to Reality’ the owner promptly changed the overall color of the car along with the looks as soon as we had wrapped up the initial shoot.


With New Zealand’s weather being favourable to those that like rain, planning a new photoshoot proved slightly difficult and couple that in with working full time…things were never going to be easy. CRC Speedshow comes around once a year and this year will be featuring this immaculate machine at the entrance to the show, so pretty much smack dab in the forefront of what’s expected to be a fun filled weekend.



Running very quickly out of time and patience I made the decision to do a very quick and impromptu photoshoot with the owner and my incredible new shooter Ken, and while the location was slightly off putting to say the least, I think we both did our best to make it work.


Color wise the car now sports a dolphin grey wrap and adoring the rear to supplement its girth is a carbon clad APR wing. While these two additions are not ground breaking they certainly change the overall finish of the original car to something a little more menacing. Rainbow tint wrap was added to the headlights as homage to the WTAC HKS GT1000 R35 GT-R and certainly looks the part to compliment the neutral grey finish.


Overall this was not considered a full shoot due to the location and time so while these pictures are published for now, a full and proper photoshoot will be coming up very soon.


Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

Gallery below:


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