D1NZ Round 3 – ASB Baypark 2017

With a custom course yet again laid out through meticulous planning and a whole load of concrete, D1NZ turned up the heat with another banger of a round.

Fans were in for a treat with the latest round, featuring a American styled banked corner to really push the drivers and see how close they could get before disaster. Early on in the day, many drivers were testing the limits with some trading paint and others fiberglass but coming away fairly cleanly. Tighter sectors towards the end of the course meant technical skills played a huge part rather than straight horsepower, and while many of the competitors handled the course well, some found the dirt a little too enticing.

Fast forward on to the main battles for Pro Sport and we saw some amazing driving from brilliant individuals who really pushed the limits of the concrete course with wall rides and door to door action. Pro sport was tough with good competition between the drivers, Zac Barlass calming the top spot in his beautifully presented S14 and Cody Pullen-Burry taking home second in the ‘CREEPN’ S15. Calvin Clark battled brilliantly throughout the whole day and took home a much deserved third place.

Pro winners fought hard to place the way they did, with most of the fan favorites bowing out early on in the top 16 and 8 battles. Course layout and misfortune I think played a part in the early dismissals however, regardless of the outcome, Cole Armstrong put on more than a show to ensure the crowds were thoroughly satisfied. Taking home the honors for round there was Tom Marshall in the Evergreen S15, second being Andrew Redward who drove his beautiful FC so well throughout the whole day and was fast becoming a formidable competitor as the afternoon got on. Finally third was secured Adam Davies and his much deserved first career win in the Mimico S14.

All in all I can honestly say the custom courses that D1NZ have created so far have been outstanding and while they are growing still into a bigger and better competition, the level that the drivers and the courses are at currently, make for some amazing drifting.

Full gallery can be found here

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